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by Melanie Edwards on October 21, 2010

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Napa Valley Wine

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When I was working full-time, it was not uncommon for my coworkers and I to fall into phases of “not caring.” Those phases where you’re constantly wondering why you work with who you work, why it matters if the document is turned in by 5 pm as opposed to the next morning, and how in the world you’ll make it past lunch that day. Employee morale at its lowest.

Often times, our director would try to improve employee morale and bring back a sense of community amongst our team. Exercises such as “Share what you learned” and “Tell us what worked” were an attempt at doing this, but anyone who’s sat in on such exercises knows that they rarely truly work.

My coworkers and I would often joke about adding a trip to the beach into the budget, since that would really help bring community back into our workplace. “Can we have our staff meeting at a local resort?” we’d say. Of course, no such luck.

But, some lucky team will definitely get to experience a fabulous office retreat courtesy of HP. The HP Reboot with ROI retreat giveaway is providing a five-day trip to Napa for six people on your team plus a technology makeover for the office! To enter to win this prize worth $30,000, all you have to do is share a story with HP about surprising returns on something you bought. How you pick the lucky six staff members that get to go, is up to you. I don’t envy the poor soul who has to make that decision.

So, if you’re the owner of a small business or a team member that wants to retreat from the office, head on over and share your ROI story. Good luck!

Disclosure: As part of a paid promotion via Clever Girls Collective, I was asked to share this contest information with you on behalf of HP.

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