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by Melanie Edwards on December 7, 2007 · 9 comments

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Man oh man…so much has been going on…

Husband has been out of work for almost 4 months now. Job market is just so slow right now. Hopefully the new year will bring about some prospects. It’s been hard and he’s (we’re) definitely frustrated, but we’re hanging in there.

In the meantime, we’ve been working on setting up our freelance web / graphic design business – might as well use the free time and do something productive, right? Still, that’s also hard, since I’m not able to help out too much, as I’m still working full-time and my job is super busy. But, it’s coming along.

Baby girl will be turning 2 in a few days and she’s definitely in her terrible 2s! The lil diva won’t stand for nothing! Everyone tells us it’s just a phase and she’ll grow out of it, bla bla bla, but damn, it’s hard to deal with. Potty training was attempted and well, that’s it. She thinks the potty chair is a toy, so we figured she’s not ready yet. Oh, and have I mentioned that she still drinks milk from a bottle and uses a binky? Yea, we have a lot of work to do – we know.

To add to all the madness, my father was just recently diagnosed with early alzheimer’s. He’s doing fine and you can’t really tell much difference, but it’s just little things here and there. We’re starting to learn to make small changes to adjust.

But, 2007 is almost over, so I can only hope that 2008 will bring better things our way…

What are you looking forward to the most this holiday season?

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1 Lisa December 7, 2007 at 10:41 pm

Just think — it can only go up from here.

2 ModernMami December 7, 2007 at 10:43 pm

that’s what I’m hoping for! 😉

3 JHS December 8, 2007 at 1:45 am


4 ModernMami December 8, 2007 at 8:14 am

🙂 Don’t I wish!

5 Leisa December 9, 2007 at 7:31 am

Goodluck with it all. Don’t worry about the potty training or the bottle – as long as she’s happy. At 2 they are still babies in my book!

6 ModernMami December 9, 2007 at 10:04 am

Thanks Leisa!

7 Jenny December 9, 2007 at 12:32 pm

Yea definitely good luck. I’m trying to start up my own business so I don’t have to go out into the real world to work, and it’s hard. But it’s gonna be fun!

8 ModernMami December 9, 2007 at 2:57 pm

Yea, it is hard. Good luck to you too! 🙂

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