Stay Connected While On-the-Go with Monster PowerCard {Review}

by Melanie Edwards on April 25, 2014

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Monster PowerCard Review

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Many times I’m out and about for the day and my phone’s battery starts to slowly die. Unless I am in the car where I can use my car charger to recharge my phone while driving, this means that I have to wait until I get back home to charge my phone. Either that, or I’d have to carry my phone charger with me in my purse and find a nearby plug – neither of which is very convenient or always feasible. Since I use my phone a lot for my business (which involves a lot of social media sharing and photo/video uploading on media and press trips), you can imagine my phone’s battery is quickly used up often times.

The new Monster PowerCard that is launching in Walmart stores and on this coming June 23rd is perfect for such situations! Thanks to my partnership with Walmart as a participant in the Walmart Moms program, I got a chance to preview the Monster PowerCard, which will sell for $39.95 once available at Walmart. Read on to see what I thought about the Monster PowerCard!

Monster PowerCard Review

Straight out of the package, you can use the Monster PowerCard to give your phone a little boost – just a little. It’s nice, though, that it comes pre-charged a bit and you don’t have to wait to charge it before you can use it. I’m just saying that you shouldn’t expect it to give you a lot of battery juice straight out of the package.

Monster PowerCard Review

Once you do fully charge your Monster PowerCard, you can plug it into your phone whenever you need some extra battery life. I want to note that you shouldn’t expect the Monster PowerCard to take your phone from 0% battery life to 100%, because it won’t. I plugged my fully-charged Monster PowerCard into my phone when my phone’s battery was at about 24% and it charged my phone up to about 56% within 15 or so minutes, before all the juice was gone from the Monster PowerCard. I was pretty impressed! In a pinch, having my phone’s battery charge over 30% in 15 minutes is not bad and definitely useful.

The Monster PowerCard is small and easily fits in your wallet, purse, or back pocket. You can charge it at home overnight and take it with you to use the next day, or you can also charge it while you’re driving for use later on in the day. It’s pretty convenient!

Overall, the Monster PowerCard is a useful gadget that will help you stay connected and help your phone battery life stay alive a little bit longer. You won’t feel like you’re carrying “another device” and it’s convenient to carry due to its small size.

Have you tested out products similar to the Monster PowerCard to stay connected while on-the-go?

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