Disney Infinity Review: Is Disney Infinity a Good Family Game?

by Melanie Edwards on October 25, 2013 · 1 comment

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Disney Infinity Review

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Our family has had a lot of fun the past two months playing the Disney Infinity video game and I’m happy to share with you our review of Disney Infinity so you can decide if it’s right for your family! Through the Walmart Moms program, we were lucky to receive a complimentary copy of the Disney Infinity Starter Pack and my kids (7 & 2 years old) have had a blast playing as some of their favorite Disney characters. Though the Disney Infinity game is not perfect and has some glitches, it does provide a lot of family fun. Check out our full Disney Infinity review below and let me know what you have heard or think of it (if you’ve played it yourself).

Disney Infinity Review: What We Like

There’s a lot your kids and family will like about Disney Infinity. One of the most loved aspects for my kids is that they get to see, hear, and play as Disney characters. The Disney Infinity Starter Pack (sold at Walmart for about $59-65 depending on the game console) comes with Mr. Incredible, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Sulley, along with each character’s Play Set, the actual game, the Infinity Base, and a Power Disc. You can play with each character in their respective Play Set or you can build your own Toy Box and mix the characters to play alongside each other.

Disney Infinity Review

You can also purchase separate Disney Infinity figures to add to your collection (like newly released Woody from the Toy Story series) or Play Set packs that come with 2 Infinity figures and the Play Set (like the Toy Story Play Set which is being released at the end of October). Within the Toy Box mode, you can combine different characters to play the world created by you, making for fun interactions like Captain Jack Sparrow being towed by Mater. Of course, kids get a kick out of building within the Toy Box, creating various character combinations, and hearing the Disney characters talk in their well-known voices.

Disney Infinity Review: What We’d Like to See

When we first received our Disney Infinity game, we were excited to combine different characters and looked forward to having Captain Jack Sparrow help Mr. Incredible complete his mission! Unfortunately, we quickly found out that you cannot play the 2-player co-op mode within a specific Play Set (also referred to as a structured adventure) unless you have 2 characters belonging to that Play Set. For example, if you want to play The Incredibles’ Play Set, you can only play it as a 1-player game with the Starter Pack since you’d only have the Mr. Incredible figure. You would need to buy a separate Incredibles figure in order to play it as a 2-player game. In short, you cannot combine characters from different Play Sets within the structured adventures; you can only do so within the Toy Box mode, which was a disappointment to our family.

Additionally, purchasing a Disney Infinity figure alone from another Play Set does not give you access to his or her adventure. Again, as an example, if you were to buy the Woody Infinity figure, you could play with Woody in the Toy Box mode, but would not be able to play the Toy Story Play Set adventure until you purchased the Toy Story Play Set. This was something else we did not realize when we first received our Disney Infinity game.

We’ve also experienced a few glitches during game play in that the game has frozen on us a few times. Switching Disney Infinity figures too quickly has also caused for some weird game situations, such as continuing to play as a character despite a different Infinity figure being placed on the Infinity Base.

Disney Infinity Review: Overall Thoughts

All in all, the Disney Infinity game is a good option for families that are Disney fans and for kids that enjoy building and creating virtual worlds. The Disney Infinity Starter Pack comes at a good price for all you get, especially when you consider that a single video game can cost the same. It can get costly to build up your collection of Disney Infinity figures and Play Sets, but I have heard a few parents approach this through allowance so that their kids can save up and purchase their own figures. As long as you understand the concept of how the individual Disney Infinity Play Sets and figures work, plus the difference between playing in Toy Box mode and playing the structured Play Set adventures, then Disney Infinity will be a welcome addition for your family.

Will you be trying out the Disney Infinity game with your family? If you’ve had a chance to play Disney Infinity already, share your own thoughts and experience below!

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YoGabbaDan March 4, 2014 at 12:17 pm

I like this review and I agree with you on the packs being slightly misleading. I’m 27 and bought this purely for myself and I have to say its a lot of fun. Me and my partner love playing the stories together and I especially like the toy box mode.

What struck me most was the sheer size of the game. There is so much to do and although you do end up buying lots more figures, each brings sonething new and fresh to the gameplay.

I’m currently working on a playset to send to Disney in hope they will add it to the 100 s of downloadables.

As it’s been a while since this post, how have you been getting on with it? Are your kids still enjoying it?


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