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by Melanie Edwards on November 29, 2011 · 0 comments

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Yesterday was Cyber Monday and many people were shopping online and searching for great deals. For my family, though, shopping online is something we’ve been doing for many years. While we don’t purchase everything online – I am still hesitant to buy clothes online – we do often buy books, electronics, and household items online. We love the convenience of it, especially since we have small children; it eases the process of taking the whole family to the store. Of course, sometimes you can also find items you can’t normally find in stores.

eBay is known to be a place you can look when you are having issues finding items, either locally or on other sites. Many times you can find a gently used version of that item you can’t find or perhaps you’ll be able to find it at a better price.

I’ve actually been scouring the eBay site these past few days in search of a Fijit friend. Apparently this is a hot toy item this Christmas season and it’s one that’s on my daughter’s Santa list. Lucky me, right?! Unfortunately, since it is a hot item, we’re likely to pay a higher price than if we had bought it a few weeks back. But, as parents, we’re willing to do that rather than explain why Santa didn’t find all the items on her wish list. At least, we’re willing to do that since our baby girl is still on the young side. In a few years, we’ll be able to talk frankly with her should we run into a similar situation.

Aside from purchasing hard-to-find items on eBay, you can also find some really good deals. In fact, eBay is currently having 25 days of deals through December 15 and is hosting Cyber Monday deals all week long. They’ve also teamed up with Toys R Us and have a section on the eBay site with this year’s holiday hot toys.

Have fun shopping online this holiday season and enjoy those deals! What hot toy items are on your children’s wish lists this year?

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