5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $30 for the Artist or Gamer in Your Life

by Melanie Edwards on June 10, 2014 · 4 comments

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Father’s Day is right around the corner with this Sunday the 15th being the designated day we honor those special men in our and our children’s lives. While it’s customary to see Father’s Day gift ideas and gift guides full of sports items (especially golf), grilling gadgets, and tools, not all fathers are into such gifts. If you have a father or husband that doesn’t quite fit those categories typically found in the sales ads, you may find it’s hard to find him a Father’s Day gift!

5 Father's Day gift ideas for artists or gamers, all under $30

My husband is one of those men that doesn’t quite fit the mold of what advertisers think of when putting together Father’s Day ads. Sure, he has tools and likes to fire up the grill every so often, but he’s not passionate enough about either for the kids and I to get him those as gifts. And sports? The man doesn’t really watch them. His true enjoyments are art and gaming, so I’ve put together a list of Father’s Day gifts for the artist or gamer in your life, all of which you can find at Walmart or Walmart.com, and all under $30!

5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $30 for the Artist or Gamer in Your Life

1. Acrylic Art Set

Acrylic Art Set - 5 Father's Day gift ideas for artists or gamers, all under $30

Perfect for a beginner’s painting set or as a supply refill, this acrylic kit comes with everything necessary to create a beautiful painting on a canvas, which you can also find in the art supplies section of your Walmart store. I think this acrylic kit is especially great for dad to have fun painting along with his little one(s), spending some one-on-one time together!

2. PS3 Controller Charge Station

PS3 Controller Charge Station - 5 Father's Day gift ideas for artists or gamers, all under $30

One complaint my husband has about his PS3 controllers is that he has to plug them in to the physical PlayStation when they are low on battery juice. The controllers then just dangle off the console while they charge, which is not only annoying, but it also means we can’t close the door to our entertainment center unit until the controllers finish charging. This PS3 controller charge station not only charges your controllers, it also makes for a convenient storage unit. Storing and charging 2 controllers at one time, the Energizer PS3 controller charging station is priced at $27.96 on Walmart.com, with free store pickup available using the site to store feature.

3. Graphic Shirts

Graphic Shirts - 5 Father's Day gift ideas for artists or gamers, all under $30

Let dad show a bit of his personality with cool graphic shirts, many of them priced at just $7.50! There is a large variety of designs available in stores and on Walmart.com, so you can let the kids pick out a few they like for dad. From video game and superhero inspired shirts to sporting their favorite musical artists and pop culture designs, your children’s father is sure to appreciate the casual look for the weekend after a long work week.

4. Gaming Headset

Gaming Headset - 5 Father's Day gift ideas for artists or gamers, all under $30

A gaming head set may just be what dad needs this Father’s Day so he can have a little uninterrupted game time! This wireless headset for the PS3 is just a little over $20, and you can find similar sets for other gaming consoles as well.

5. Sketch Book and Pencil Set

Sketch Book & Pencil Set - 5 Father's Day gift ideas for artists or gamers, all under $30

A hardbound sketch book and drawing pencil kit is always a classic gift for a creative person and artist. Combined with a restaurant gift card, this would be a great way for dad to get a little time for himself to do some sketching or just to clear his head. You can find a variety of sketch books and drawing pencil sets in stores, but this specific sketch book and pencil kit I’ve linked can be found on Walmart.com for just $11.14 and $8.76 respectively.

Hopefully these Father’s Day gift ideas for the artist or gamer in your life will help you and your children in either finding a gift for dad or will spark ideas for other items dad might enjoy! We hope it’s a wonderful day for dad – we know fathers deserve to be recognized for all their hard work, love, and dedication on more than just Father’s Day, so be sure to remind those dads they are loved and appreciated, each and every day!

What other Father’s Day gift ideas for artists or gamers can you share with us?

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1 Maria Aponte June 11, 2014 at 12:44 pm

Great suggestions! The PS3 controller charge station is a great idea! Thank you!

2 Melanie Edwards June 11, 2014 at 9:50 pm

You’re so welcome! My husband is in need of one for himself!

3 Zelma @ YoSoyMami.com June 12, 2014 at 1:43 pm

Omg, charging station!!!! *runs to walmart*

4 Melanie Edwards June 16, 2014 at 2:03 pm

I know! It’s great, isn’t it??!

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