Three King’s Day

by Melanie Edwards on January 6, 2008 · 1 comment

in Puerto Rico

Happy Three King’s Day! Feliz Dí­a de los Tres Reyes Magos!

Today is the day for celebrating the three wise men‘s visit to Jesus. In Puerto Rico, we celebrate this day just as if it were Christmas.

The night before (la vispera de reyes), children collect grass in a basket and put it under their beds. The grass is for the camels of the three kings.

Children also receive a gift the next morning and the grass in the basket is replaced with candy.

The baskets are traditionally made out of shoe boxes and decorated with bright color paper bows. I tried to find a picture, but no luck.

I plan to make one for baby girl next year, and keep the tradition going. I think she’ll have fun and it’s a great way for her to learn some of the customs I grew up with.

Three King’s Day also marks the end of the Christmas season and we normally wait until after this day has passed to take down our Christmas tree and decorations.

Do you have any special after-Christmas traditions?

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