10 Puerto Rican Coquito Recipes for Your Holiday Party!

by Melanie Edwards on December 14, 2016 · 3 comments

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The holiday season just isn’t the holiday season in Puerto Rican households if there isn’t a bottle (or more) of coquito available for sharing with friends and family. Much like what eggnog represents in many homes, coquito is the holiday drink of choice in Puerto Rico. A delicious, creamy blend of coconut, spices, and rum, each coquito recipe differs from the next, with each chef adding their own touch to this holiday recipe. While there are a variety of Puerto Rican coquito recipes for you to choose from this holiday season, you’ll definitely want at least one bottle of the classic version to enjoy on Christmas and New Year’s Eve! Check out a few recipe varieties we’ve collected and see if you can choose just one!

10 Puerto Rican Coquito Recipes

10 Puerto Rican Coquito Recipes for Your Holiday Party!

  1. 5-Ingredient Coquito Recipe – Our own deliciously simple, no-egg classic coquito recipe! (English)
  2. Nutella Coquito Recipe via CuponeandoPR – I have to say that adding Nutella to an already delicious drink like coquito sounds absolutely genius! (Spanish)
  3. Chocolate Coquito Recipe via Smart Little Cookie – A popular variation on the classic Puerto Rican coquito recipe, who can resist adding chocolate to the recipe? (English)
  4. Pumpkin Coquito Recipe via Mi Rincón de Artes – Perhaps best suited for Thanksgiving, this coquito variation is also great for anyone that’s truly a fan of pumpkin flavors! (Spanish)
  5. Coquito with Eggs Recipe via theArtMuse – This coquito recipe adds eggs, something which is a bit of a debate when it comes to Puerto Rican coquito recipes! Many prefer their coquito without eggs (myself included), while others like the addition of egg in their coquito. In fact, many make the distinction that coquito with eggs is actually called ponche and is not coquito! (English)
  6. Coquito with Spices via Wanda Gisela – Using a special home-blend of spices, this coquito recipe is truly unique and should add a special flavor! (Spanish)
  7. Vegan Coquito Recipe via Neurotic Mommy – For anyone that lives a dairy-free life, this vegan coquito recipe should come in handy so you too can enjoy the delicious flavors of coquito! (English)
  8. Simple Coquito Recipe via Zona Jule – A simple recipe for the classic coquito variation! (Spanish)
  9. Classic Coquito Recipe via Savvy Mujer – The classic coquito recipe is one you should definitely try! (English)
  10. More Coquito Recipe Variations via Sazón Boricua – Find a few more Puerto Rican coquito recipes, including almond and pistachio flavored coquito! (Spanish)

Puerto Rican coquito is a must-try holiday drink and one that I have no doubt you will love! Be sure to let me know which coquito variations you’ve already tried or will be trying this Christmas Eve or New Year’s! And remember, coquito is best enjoyed when shared with friends and family! 😉

Which of these Puerto Rican coquito recipes will you be making this holiday season?

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Yomaris Rodríguez December 15, 2016 at 8:44 am

Es que la gastronomía puertorriqueña es única y en la Navidad el coquito es esencial, que viva la tradición y la variedad de sabores.


susana agueda December 15, 2016 at 8:49 am

Hi, thanks for mention my recipe. I love all the recipes especially the Vegan Coquito recipe.


Edith Tapia December 16, 2016 at 8:29 am

Hey!!! Me gusta esta entrada… Es una muy buena compilación de recetas… and THANKS for featuring me.


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