6 Tips for Preventing Dry Skin This Winter

by Melanie Edwards on February 2, 2014

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Living with & Tips for Preventing Dry Skin During the Winter

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It doesn’t seem to matter how much I moisturize, when there is colder, dry air, my hands inevitably start to dry out and even crack. This is the second year in a row it’s happened to me, which is a testament to the fact that things change as we age – this wasn’t an issue for me when I was younger! It’s amazing to me, really, because we definitely don’t have a bitter cold winter in Florida. Yet, the little cold we do have is apparently enough to affect my skin, to the point that my hands crack.

I’m not the only one in our family that deals with dry skin. My baby boy has had eczema since he was born and though it’s under control and in much better condition these days, it does flare up when we have colder weather. Just like me, he’s been dealing with very dry spots on his skin that itch and burn. We constantly moisturize and take the necessary precautions for dealing with eczema, such as limiting his bath times and using fragrance-free products, but in the end, all you can really do is make him as comfortable as you can while you wait for the flare up to subside.

For those that don’t typically experience issues with dry skin, caring for your skin in the winter is still a good idea since the colder air can be harsher on your skin. The team at OTCSafety has put together this nice visual infographic with tips for fighting off dry skin in the winter. They’re good, simple tips that will work for both you and your kids, so I encourage you to keep them in mind over the next few weeks as the cold air remains. Hopefully you can avoid dry or cracked skin! (Click on infographic image to view full size.)

6 Tips for Preventing Dry Skin This Winter

6 Tips for Preventing Dry Skin This Winter

Something else to remember is that some moisturizers and lotions have drug facts labels, just like medicines. So, be sure to look over the label, check the ingredients, and read over the safe application instructions to familiarize yourself with the product. That’s something I didn’t realize until recently, but it’s important to know, especially when we’re talking about our little ones!

Does your skin tend to get drier during the winter months? What steps do you take to help your skin stay healthy?

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Photo: Oliver DelaCruz/Flickr
Infographic courtesy of OTCSafety

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