What’s for Dinner This Week? Our Family’s Meal Plan

by Melanie Edwards on November 9, 2015 · 0 comments

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My oldest has been sick since last week and missed three days of school! She’s back in school today and I’m hoping both her and her brother (who had a temperature over the weekend as well) are both on the mend. After the week our household had, I’m aiming to get us back on track. Primarily, I want to get myself organized again and back to a routine. That means sticking to a meal plan for the week and catching up on work.

Weekly Meal Plan: Simple Meals for Your Family

Per the norm in our house, I’m planning simple meals this week that are enjoyed by all. I’ve also built in a day for using up any leftovers (we always have some) and for take-out since our weekend plans include some outings. Our meal plan this week also includes a new recipe for me – chicken fettuccine alfredo; I’m even going to attempt making the sauce from scratch! Check out what we’ll be eating this week and share your own family’s meal plan!

What’s for Dinner? This Week’s Meal Plan

  1. Monday: Shepherd’s pie
  2. Tuesday: Ground beef tacos (I’ll split the carne molida from Monday and use half for tacos the next night.)
  3. Wednesday: Chicken fettuccine alfredo (I’m going to try making the alfredo sauce from scratch!)
  4. Thursday: Sopa de fideos con pollo (Puerto Rican chicken noodle soup)
  5. Friday: Leftovers
  6. Saturday: Take-out
  7. Sunday: Pork chops served with yellow rice (I’ll probably make arroz con maiz.)

Meal Planning Tips and Ideas

For even more menu planning tips, ideas, and sample menus, check out our previous articles!

What is your family eating this week? Share your weekly meal plan with us!

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