Working on Building a Home Business: Family Eden Wednesday

by Melanie Edwards on April 29, 2009

in Wahm

I’ll apologize upfront for the mock-post today. I have plenty of reasons. Like my Internet was acting up last night and it barely made it through me posting over at the Family Eden blog.

Also? I was kind of tired.

So, go check out my latest Family Eden post – Working on Building a Home Business

An excerpt:

But, see, for me it’s much more than just being able to afford it. It’s more along the lines of “how can I make a living working from home?” I don’t honestly see that we can live on one income, even if we follow Amy’s tips. I do believe I would have to start a home business. I would have to bring in some income. Actually, more than just some.

Be sure to leave some comments over there as well. 🙂

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