The Backyardigans – Our newest favorite show

by Melanie Edwards on December 14, 2007 · 0 comments

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We’ve recently started watching The Backyardigans on Nick Jr.

The show is very cute and is all about five friends who play in their backyard and use their imagination to create the story.

Each episode is set to a different musical style and is choreographed – the songs are great!

Our favorite has to be Mission to Mars featuring the voice of Alicia Keys!

The show is just made for toddlers – singing, dancing, silly jokes – but, my favorite part of it is that they use their imagination!

Our baby girl loves the show and always jumps around and dances along. She also has learned just about all the songs. I think she believes Tyrone is her boyfriend. She sure does pretend to talk to him on the phone a lot.

Another favorite of ours is The Legend of the Volcano Sisters.

Here’s a little sample:

Does your son/daughter watch this show? Which episode is your/their favorite?

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