Becoming a Big Girl

by Melanie Edwards on October 5, 2009

in preschoolers, toddlers

I realized the other day that I never actually updated you on our potty training issues.

You’ll be glad to know that baby girl is officially potty trained. Full out. All the way. For real.

The girl goes to the potty by herself without us having to remind her, she’ll tell us if she needs to go when we’re not home, and she’s doing pretty good in the clean-up process as well.

And you know what we did?


All of you were absolutely right. She did it when she was ready.

For all the encouraging, rewarding, praise, and potty games we played, in the end, she simply would go when she actually wanted to. That turned into her going when she needed to. And eventually, she was able to switch over to being diaper-free all the time.

Even at night.

Really, when it was time for her to start preschool, it was suggested to us by the school that we bring her diaper-free. We warned them that she wasn’t fully potty trained, but they said to try it anyway and they’d deal with the accidents. So, that’s just what we did. And amazingly she did really good. There were really very few accidents considering our progress beforehand.

She’s definitely proud of herself and loves that we’re proud too. The first few weeks of preschool, she’d say things like, “Did I make you proud?” or “I had NO accidents today mommy!”

I love that my baby girl has finally achieved potty training success. Of course, this means she’s officially a big girl. In her eyes anyway.

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