My first boo boo

by Melanie Edwards on May 16, 2008

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My daughter recently got a boo boo.

She fell down on the sidewalk while running and scraped her knees.

It’s been about a month since this happened and the boo boos have already healed.

Yet every time you ask her if she has an owie, she says:

Yes, I have owie.


On my knee. (And, she’ll point to the healed boo boo.)

She’s so traumatized by these boo boos that she doesn’t even like it when you wash her knees during bath time.

And she doesn’t like to wear shorts or dresses or anything that shows her knees. She immediately tries to cover them up so that her boo boos don’t show.

It’s the cutest thing and I can’t help but laugh at how concerned she is over these boo boos.

Do your kids have any memorable boo boos they don’t like to talk about?

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