Conversations with my Daughter

by Melanie Edwards on September 23, 2008

in a different perspective, Baby Girl, toddlers

Baby girl: Mommy, mommy! Help! My goat needs help.

Me: What’s wrong with your goat?

Baby girl: He’s stuck on the light! (points up to the light in the hallway)

Me: Oh! Well tell your goat to jump down.

Baby girl: He can’t!

Me: Why not?

Baby girl: He has no feet!


Baby girl: Where are we? (We had just parked in the near-by grocery center.)

Daddy: We’re going to pick up chinese noodles.

Baby girl: :gasp: Piiiiick up chinese noooooodles???!!!

Both of us: Yup!

Baby girl: BAM! (a la Emeril-style)

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