Look What I Found!

by Melanie Edwards on April 6, 2008

in a different perspective, Baby Girl

Baby girl has a new phrase she’s been throwing about lately…

Hey mami (or daddy), look what I found!

The funny thing is that she’ll say this even when she didn’t find it – like if my husband or I have just given her something…

I can give her a cookie, a toy, a cup – really anything, she gets excited by the small things, just as I do.

Here’s the conversation:

Me (handing her the item): Here you go baby.

Baby girl will trot off humming her little happy song.

A few seconds later…

Baby girl: Hey mami, look what I found!

Me: What did you find baby?

Baby girl: [insert name of item I’ve just handed her]

I’ve heard the toddler years are the funniest…turns out, it’s pretty true!

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