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Disney Junior 24-Hour Channel Launching March 23!


If you have young children at home, then you may be excited to find out that a new 24-hour Disney Junior channel will be coming on March 23!  The current Disney Junior block will continue on Disney Channel as well, but your kids can now enjoy their favorite shows throughout the entire day. The new […]

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Just a Big Monster

Baby Girl

“You’re just a big monster!” You may be used to hearing such words on the playground as one preschooler screams out to another after doing something he/she didn’t like. It happens all the time and more than likely after a few minutes, they’re back to being best friends again. But, never, did I think I’d […]

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A 5 Year Old On Turning 5

a different perspective

Today my baby girl turns five years old. That is a big deal. Five is (in my mind anyway) officially the age when kids turn into big (little) kids. That is, they are no longer babies, preschoolers, or whatever other term you use; they are now actual little kids. Which is why I wanted to […]

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Remembering When


For this week’s Viernes Social, instead of a contest, we’re featuring a heartfelt guest post from a local Latina blogger. I appreciate the post she wrote, as it’s nice to hear about motherhood past the preschool or teenage years. Guest post by Maria Padilla of Orlando Latino. Maria is a journalist who formerly worked at […]

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