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Reynolds Cookie Baking Sheets Help You Bake Delicious Treats With No Fuss! {Review}


When baking, you probably normally use parchment paper to prevent your baked treats from sticking to your baking tray. I’m not a huge baker, so when I occasionally bake, I sometimes even use wax paper as lining on a cookie sheet to bake my treats. (I know, I know.) Like I said, I am not […]

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Simple & Easy Weeknight Meals: One Dish Chicken Stir Fry Recipe {Video}


As busy parents, getting dinner on the table can often be challenging. Whether you work outside the home, work from home, stay home with your children, or any combination of work-life-family situations, when it comes to dinner, you may be scrambling if you didn’t prepare ahead of time! Let’s face it – our afternoon schedules […]

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Simple Harvest Floral Centerpiece to Bring Fall into Your Home {Craft}


Though you wouldn’t know it by our Florida weather, the first day of fall is this week, kicking off a season of orange, yellow, and brown colors everywhere in addition to a bounty of pumpkin-flavored treats. Soon enough, though, we’ll also start feeling a slightly lighter breeze and enjoying the effects of fall to help […]

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Small Deeds Add Up. Help Straight Talk Support Make-A-Wish By Doing Things You Normally Do.


I imagine that like me, you have a lot going on in your life, and yet, often times you wish you could do more for others. As you try to raise responsible and generous children, you probably try your best to model kind behavior in your life. Perhaps you look for ways to donate or […]

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Adding Flair and Individuality to School Supplies with Duck Tape & Sharpie!


My 8-year-old’s third grade school supply list this year included plenty of notebooks and composition books. A caveat, though, was that all the notebooks had to be solid colors and she could not label any of them. This was because the school uses a system called community sharing where they collect all the children’s school […]

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