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Puerto Rican Güiro Craft: Celebrating Latino Culture This Hispanic Heritage Month & Always! {Video}


Raising multicultural children can be a little tricky – you want them to learn about their roots and heritage, yet they’re surrounded and influenced by a culture that is different from the one you grew up knowing. That’s why keeping culture alive in the home is so very important to my husband and I and […]

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Fight Hunger. Spark Change. Help Walmart & Feeding America Fight Hunger in Your Local Community


“Our writing prompt yesterday was to finish the sentence ‘If I ruled the world…’ and my friend said she’d make everyone watch the movie Frozen a million times. It was funny.” “What did you write?” I asked. “I said I would make unicorns be real, teach everyone magic, make world peace, and get rid of […]

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Reynolds Cookie Baking Sheets Help You Bake Delicious Treats With No Fuss! {Review}


When baking, you probably normally use parchment paper to prevent your baked treats from sticking to your baking tray. I’m not a huge baker, so when I occasionally bake, I sometimes even use wax paper as lining on a cookie sheet to bake my treats. (I know, I know.) Like I said, I am not […]

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Simple & Easy Weeknight Meals: One Dish Chicken Stir Fry Recipe {Video}


As busy parents, getting dinner on the table can often be challenging. Whether you work outside the home, work from home, stay home with your children, or any combination of work-life-family situations, when it comes to dinner, you may be scrambling if you didn’t prepare ahead of time! Let’s face it – our afternoon schedules […]

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Simple Harvest Floral Centerpiece to Bring Fall into Your Home {Craft}


Though you wouldn’t know it by our Florida weather, the first day of fall is this week, kicking off a season of orange, yellow, and brown colors everywhere in addition to a bounty of pumpkin-flavored treats. Soon enough, though, we’ll also start feeling a slightly lighter breeze and enjoying the effects of fall to help […]

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