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Back to School Clothes for Kids: Fun, Affordable Finds at Walmart!


Every year we take advantage of the beginning of the school year to update our kids’ wardrobe by clearing out clothes that no longer fit or are in less-than-desirable condition and purchasing some new clothes. We keep what still works and add new pieces to be sure they have clothes to get them through (hopefully) […]

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Ground Beef 3 Ways: Easy Meals for Quick Weeknight Dinners this Back to School Season!


It’s officially back to school time! My kids started school last week and I’ve been seeing lovely first day of school photos from friends throughout other areas of the country as well! I know that with the start of school for our kids and the end of summer, comes a busier schedule for most of […]

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Bidding Farewell to the Walmart Moms Blogger Program


Nearly six years ago as I was pregnant with my baby boy, I got an amazing invitation to join a blogger program with Walmart. Originally called the Eleven Moms before I joined in 2011, it soon became known as the Walmart Moms Blogger Program and was full of 22 moms that blogged about a variety […]

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5 Tips for a Stress-Free & Fun Family Road Trip!

Family Fun

While summer is in full-swing for many of you, it’s actually beginning to wind down for us, with only two weeks left before our kids head back to school. I know, it’s hard to believe, but here, their first day of school is in early August! Before summer ends and school starts, we’re planning a […]

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3 Must-Have Items for Your Summer Beauty Routine


The summer heat can be downright unbearable, especially here in Central Florida where we have temperatures near or around 100 degrees on a daily basis! The sun is brutal and can do some serious damage to your skin, sometimes causing heat rashes. That’s why we make sure to stay protected whenever we head out for […]

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