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Empowering Women By Supporting Women-Owned Businesses


With March being Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day having just passed, celebrating the achievements of women is of particular importance this month. As the mother of a young, impressionable girl, highlighting the strength of women is something I’m always seeking. It’s important that she sees good role models and learn of inspiring stories, […]

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Create a Fun St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt for Kids! {Free Printable}


My kids love a good treasure or scavenger hunt. My nine-year-old often creates them for her four-year-old brother when they’re looking for something to do on the weekends. She quickly puts together a few clues, sets up a “treasure” he’ll enjoy, and lets him have fun looking for each clue, as she cheers him on! […]

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VUDU Digital Video Service Makes Watching Movies at Home Even Easier!


If your family is anything like mine, then watching movies is a favorite pastime. My husband and I have always been fans of watching a good movie and now the kids have joined in on the fun! We tend to purchase movies we especially like, which means we have a vast collection of DVDs and […]

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Easing the Laundry Routine with Tide Pods plus Febreze {Review}


Though I don’t particularly enjoy laundry day, it’s one of those tasks that has to be done. One that as a family of four is done on a frequent basis; kids do tend to use up a lot of clothes, after all. We tend to wash about 4-6 loads of laundry on a weekly basis, […]

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Spaghetti Night Idea: Turkey Sausage Penne with Peppers & Onions {Recipe}


Though I grew up eating a lot of rice and beans, I truly love eating pasta as well. I tend to cook at least one pasta dish each week and find that spaghetti is a go-to easy meal that works well for my family. Recently, I’ve been using more Wild Oats Marketplace Organic products, especially […]

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