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Casual Date (Day or Night) Makeup Idea


With Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend, I hope you’ll get a chance to dress up and head out for a fun date night with your husband or significant other so you can enjoy an evening alone without the kids! While I know that Valentine’s Day isn’t just a couple’s holiday and can easily be […]

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Simple Valentine’s Day After-School Party for Kids


As a parent, Valentine’s Day has become much more about celebrating with the kids and much less about celebrating as a couple. We focus on how Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate friendship and love and the kids enjoy the colors, festivities, and of course, treats! They really get into the holiday! Because they […]

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Valentine’s Day Brownie Hearts for Kids


Now that we’re in February, one of the major talking points my kids are talking about is, of course, Valentine’s Day! My girl, especially, is a fan of the holiday and loves all the red and pink that comes with it. Both of them, though, are fans of all the treats that tend to come […]

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Tostones Bar: Game Time Food Idea {Recipe}

Puerto Rico

Next Sunday is the big game day and I’m sure many of you will be watching with snacks in hand! While wings, chips, and dips of all varieties are customary game day food, I thought I would share a fun game day appetizer idea that’s a little different. It’s still finger-food and shareable, a must […]

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3 Tips to Help with Cold & Flu Season in Your Home


Sometimes it feels like our family is perpetually sick. I know that’s not the reality, but since at least one member of our family is usually dealing with sniffles and/or congestion, it really feels like it. Many times it’s allergies – I suffer from environmental allergies – and other times it’s random sniffles from germs […]

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