MySpace has…

TA.KEN O.VER THE WO.ORLD! It’s official. The other day I saw a tv commercial for Chili’s, you know, the restaurant. Well at the end of the commercial instead of plugging in their corporate website, they showed the link to their MySpace page. I couldn’t believe my eyes! They were forsaking their own website to promote […]

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Hey mooooooooom


In response to Plain Jane Mom’s post, The Zero Boss suggested she watch the following video. Baby girl doesn’t talk just yet – well she says a few words here and there – so I guess this is what I have to look forward to in another year or so. You’re gonna love it! technorati: […]

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Babies shouldn’t watch TV!!!!

Baby Girl

I’ve posted some cartoons in the past relating to pregnancy and motherhood which I think are cute and make me smile. They are done by Everyday People Cartoons. There are cartoons on plenty of other subjects too. Here’s another one I like – well this one is also on mommyhood, but if you check out […]

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All is Lost

Lost is taking a break from season 3! I have to wait until FEBRUARY before a new episode will be shown. How can they make me wait that long? In other news – we picked out all our options for the house. You can sure spend a lot of money in upgrades at that design […]

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