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Styling My Baby Boy with Carter’s Spring Line Collection & Sale {Giveaway}


One of the main differences I’ve found in having a son and a daughter is in shopping for their clothes – little boys definitely don’t have as many options to choose from! We love dressing our three-year-old baby boy in fresh attire, but it’s hard to find a varied selection beyond shorts and t-shirts in […]

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Learn More About Mangos & Join Us for a Fun #Mangos4Mowgli Twitter Party!


I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it enough, but if you’ve been a long-time reader, then you probably know that I’m a fan of mangos, as evidenced by the following mango recipes I’ve previously shared: strawberry banana mango smoothie, pineapple mango smoothie, and limber de mango (a mango icy treat). I love the fresh scent […]

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Healthy Choices in our Family


This is a sponsored post. I will be the first to admit that our family could probably make some healthier choices when it comes to our food selection. We’re not a family that eats only organic, fresh food and we also don’t exclude food in our house based on certain ingredients. We do cook quite […]

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Orlando “Better-Than-A-Picnic Picnic” Benefiting Central Florida Homeless


This post is part of a paid campaign. “Why do you and daddy have to work?” “So that we can have this house, food, clothes, and take care of you.” “What would happen if you didn’t work?” “Well, we wouldn’t be able to pay for this house or buy food. Did you know there are […]

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