The House

Working Moms: How Do You Manage Housework?


As a full-time working mom, it’s very hard for me to keep up with the household duties. I’ve posted before about the expectations – false no doubt – that I’ve set for myself. Elizabeth over at Career & Kids touched on the subject recently, when a friend of hers realized there’s not enough time in […]

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What would people know if they looked in your trash?

Do you think it’s true you can find out a lot about your neighbor(s), just by looking at their trash? Our next door neighbors just moved in a few weeks ago. Now, this is a brand-new, just built house. The first weekend they were there, they pulled out carpet and had tile installed. This morning, […]

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Are you still visiting?


You still stop by? Awwww, thanks! 😉 I’ve been so out of it lately that I haven’t been keeping up very well with this blog. My apologies…. Work is super busy and will continue to be for the next month or so. Of course, any other spare moment we get is spent on fixing up […]

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New House Update, not really much of an update..

The house is officialy ours, but we haven’t even made it over there yet! After our closing on Wednesday afternoon, we went and did some comparison shopping for washers/dryers. We didn’t get to stop by the house yesterday either, since we were both at work all day. So, although we have a new house, we […]

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Happy New House to Me!

This afternoon is the closing for our new house! I’m very much excited and am ready to do some shopping. 😉 If all goes well, we should be able to move out of the parents’ and into our new home this weekend. Needless to say, this weekend will be a busy one. Yet, somehow, I […]

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