5-Ingredient Thanksgiving Dessert Idea: Cranberry Apple Pastelitos (Puff Pastry Dessert) {Recipe}

Latino Culture

In just a couple of days, many of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving with loved ones, enjoying wonderful food as we give thanks for all we have. I know that pumpkin and sweet potato pies are popular Thanksgiving desserts, but since our family isn’t a big fan of either, I thought I’d try something a […]

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Thanksgiving Style for Kids: Casual & Cute


Even though we get together with family for most Thanksgiving dinners, we don’t tend to dress up. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not like we sit down for Thanksgiving dinner in our sweat pants, but we also aren’t dressed in our holiday best. We all tend to go for more of a dressy casual […]

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Use Leftover Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes! Puerto Rican Style Bacon & Cheese Mini Stuffed Potato Balls (Rellenos de Papa con Tocineta y Queso) {Recipe}

Puerto Rico

One of my favorite Puerto Rican fried delicacies is rellenos de papa or papas rellenas (stuffed potato balls). Traditionally made with ground beef or chicken, the combination of the crispy fried outer shell, soft potato inside, and delicious meat filling, makes for a delightful treat. My kids have grown to love papas rellenas and ask […]

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30 Days of Giving Thanks: A Lesson in Gratitude for Both of Us


Teaching our children gratitude and to appreciate all they have is challenging in a world where we have oh so much. It’s not impossible, though, and one of the best ways is by modeling gratitude, giving thanks, and showing appreciation yourself. This can be (and should be) done year-round, but Thanksgiving is an extra special […]

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Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipe Idea: Quick & Easy Turkey Apple Panini Sliders {Recipe}


Thanksgiving is still two days away and I know you’re already looking for Thanksgiving leftovers recipe ideas! With so much food you’re planning for your Thanksgiving dinner menu, you’re sure to have plenty of Thanksgiving leftovers and leftover turkey, specifically, so you can’t let all that good food go to waste. Rather than eat the […]

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