Guest Blogging News


Guess what? Guess what? Guess what? Sorry, I’m just a tad bit excited about my latest blogging gig. I’m guest blogging, along with four other great ladies, at Scholastic Parent Voices for the month of May. I’ll be over there at least once a week blogging about various topics. First topic is Summer Plans in […]

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Contest & Book Review: I Brake for Meltdowns


A really really long time ago, the folks at Da Capo Press sent me a complimentary copy of the book “I Brake for Meltdowns: How to Handle the Most Exasperating Behavior of Your 2- to 5-year-old” to review. I’ve just now gotten around to actually writing my review of the book. Better late than never […]

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We Heart Knuffle Bunny!


Now that you have some resources for helping your child read, do you want to know about a good book to read to your toddler or preschooler? This is the cutest book and your kid is going to love it. Well, only if he/she is as awesome as my baby girl. hehehe Knuffle Bunny: A […]

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Toddlers PMS


Alright ladies (and men), bear with me a bit here while I go into the realm of TMI. It seems that toddlers, preschoolers – whatever the correct term is for a three year old – do in fact suffer from PMS at such an early age. You know how if you’re around a buddy of […]

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Upcoming Book Review


I was recently contacted by the folks at Da Capo Lifelong Books, to review their newest book, I Brake for Meltdowns: How to Handle the Most Exasperating Behavior of Your 2- to 5-Year-Old. From the publisher: More than just meltdowns (public and private), this book includes advice on what to do when your little one: […]

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