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The Reality of Raising Multicultural Children

Baby Boy

“Be careful, there’s a cop parked over there,” I said to my husband. “Yeah… I see him.” We weren’t doing anything wrong. We were simply driving home – driving along a back road, at nighttime. As my husband cautiously ensured he drove not even one mile over the speed limit, I kept my eye on […]

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Prejudice Isn’t Always So Black and White: Sometimes It’s Hard To Know What To Call It


Prejudice, racism, bigotry – these words are often used interchangeably to describe statements, actions, situations, and people. But, I believe that not all thoughts of prejudice necessarily mean a person is racist. A prejudicial thought may at times be brought on by racism, yes, but just because a person says or does something that is […]

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#101HispanicWaystoDie Shows True Colors

Latino Culture

Yesterday on Twitter, the hashtag #101HispanicWaystoDie was trending and full of tweets poking fun at Latino culture. My friend Tracy alerted me to the hashtag and also wrote about it, and how she contributed with her own light-hearted tweets. Her Vicks VapoRub tweet brought back memories and had me laughing. But, something I noticed as […]

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