Bilingual Learning with El Perro y El Gato: A Hispanic Heritage Month {Giveaway}


As you know, I try my best to raise my children in a bilingual environment. I speak Spanish to them as much as possible, as do my parents, we sing songs in Spanish, read Spanish or bilingual books, and sometimes, we also watch cartoons in Spanish. My husband is very supportive in this effort and […]

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Not Much of a Woman – Es Poca Mujer


“Es poca mujer.” These were words I heard at various points growing up and that have stuck with me. Literally it means “she’s not much of a woman,” but the phrase is used to mean a woman is not strong enough or cannot handle a situation. For example, if a woman is unable to handle […]

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What Does Being Latina Mean to Me?

Puerto Rico

This post was first published on October 7, 2009. Since I’m speaking today on a panel titled “Latinas in Social Media” at the BlogHer 2010 conference and exploring how being Latina influences our social media interactions, I thought this post was timely. I’ve been asked a difficult question. I was asked to write about what […]

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Learn Spanish With Little Pim! Win a Set of Spanish Flash Cards & CD!


Disclosure: I received Little Pim products for review purposes. No other compensation received. By now you know that my husband and I have committed to raising bilingual children. Coming from different cultures ourselves, our daughter has the benefit of growing up multicultural and learning two languages – English and Spanish. Though my first language was […]

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The Gifts We Get And Give


Guest post by Melissa Minchala of Mis Hijos También, where she seeks to create a community of Hispanic parents that can support each other in their traditions. Melissa is the first born child to an immigrant Ecuadorian father and first generation Puerto Rican mother and is a mother of 4 children. Find Melissa on her […]

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