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Make Time for Yourself: Tips from Real Moms and a ‘Me Time’ Essentials {Giveaway}


These days, I’m barely able to find a little quiet time for myself. Even with these 7 ways to squeeze in ‘me time’, I don’t always feel like I can make it happen. As the majority of you know, there’s a lot that goes into raising two kids, owning a business, and juggling all the […]

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Love as a Priority: One Mom’s Story of Motherhood


I’m on maternity leave as of December 8: The following is a guest post by Blanca Stella. When I was in my early 20s, I put it in my mind that I wanted to have a job that would allow me to be available and at home with my future child. That is the reason […]

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7 Tips for Finding ‘Me’ Time


This post was first published on November 30, 2009. Plenty of people find it difficult to get some time alone. We’re all busy with work, our home life, family, activities, and just life in general. It can be hard to find some time for yourself. But, more and more, I see that women and moms […]

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Unplugging and Going Offline to Increase Your Life’s Balance


Last week, I unplugged four out of the five weeknights. After 4:30/5 pm, I was off the computer and remained off. One night I was forced to unplug, but that’s another story you can read about on 40weeks Plus. However, what I realized last week was how great unplugging can be. I still think I […]

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How Do You Define Balance?


What does balance mean to you? Is it about balancing you as a person? Does it involve the people around you? Or is it about the roles you play in life? Let me elaborate a bit on what I mean. Balancing You Do you strive for your physical, mental, and spiritual health to be in-line? […]

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