Share your Tips for Returning to a Routine After a Vacation


What is your best tip for getting back to you and your family’s normal routine after a vacation? Last week, my family and I spent the week at the Universal Orlando Resort. Even though we live in Orlando, we had the opportunity to stay on-site and enjoy one of the hotels, as well as both […]

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3 Tips To Help You Manage Your Social Media Presence

social media

Every once in a while someone will make a comment about how they “see me everywhere” online. I’m on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plurk, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Friendfeed, and various Ning communities. There’s actually more places to find me, but those are the most commonly known ones. Naturally, I’m also asked how I can keep up with […]

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You Can Only Say Hurry So Many Ways


I hate that nowadays the hot phrase in our house is “You’re wasting time baby girl.” For one reason or another it’s always, “Eat faster,” or “Don’t take too long,” or “You have 5 minutes.” We’re often talking about time somehow or another. But, it’s necessary. Life dictates it to be so. I HAVE to […]

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