Must-Have Books for your Preschooler’s Reading Collection


It’s been a week full of literacy at Modern Mami and it wasn’t even intentional. First, I gave you some resources for helping your kids learn to read. Then, I told you about one of our favorite books, Knuffle Bunny. So, to wrap it up, today I’m going to share with you a few books […]

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We Heart Knuffle Bunny!


Now that you have some resources for helping your child read, do you want to know about a good book to read to your toddler or preschooler? This is the cutest book and your kid is going to love it. Well, only if he/she is as awesome as my baby girl. hehehe Knuffle Bunny: A […]

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5 Reading Resources for Parents


My daughter is three. As a preschooler, she loves to “read” and loves for us to read to her. She received a Leapfrog Tag system from her tio for Christmas and uses it on an almost daily basis. That is how she can “read” a book to us. But, she can also take a regular […]

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Learning to Read

Baby Girl

Baby girl read her first word! I have a shirt that says “mom” on it – it was a Mother’s Day gift. Well, last night, as I’m putting on her jammies, she points to the letters and says: M – O – M – MOM! Wow! The husband and I were just completely amazed.

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