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5-Ingredient Thanksgiving Dessert Idea: Cranberry Apple Pastelitos (Puff Pastry Dessert) {Recipe}

Latino Culture

In just a couple of days, many of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving with loved ones, enjoying wonderful food as we give thanks for all we have. I know that pumpkin and sweet potato pies are popular Thanksgiving desserts, but since our family isn’t a big fan of either, I thought I’d try something a […]

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Strawberry and Cream Cheese Pastelitos (Pastries) {Recipe}


Pastelitos have always been a favorite pastry dessert of mine, especially pastelitos de guayaba. We actually call them pastelillos in Puerto Rico, but they’re more commonly known as pastelitos in most Latin American countries. This delicious puff pastry dessert can come with a variety of fillings, but guayaba (guava) is one of the most common, […]

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