7 Ways Preschoolers Will Have Fun at Universal Orlando Resort {Giveaway}

Family Fun

***Be sure to scroll down for the awesome giveaway!*** Living in Orlando, people often think that we frequently visit the many theme parks we have in the area. This is not necessarily true, though. As I’m sure is the case for many of you, life often gets in the way of having fun on a […]

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Quick Tip for Cleaning with Your Preschooler


Want a quick and easy way to get your young children to clean up around the house? I tried this with my five-year-old today and I just know that any preschooler will enjoy it as much as she did. It absolutely adds an element of fun to cleaning and even more, gives them a challenge! […]

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Just a Big Monster

Baby Girl

“You’re just a big monster!” You may be used to hearing such words on the playground as one preschooler screams out to another after doing something he/she didn’t like. It happens all the time and more than likely after a few minutes, they’re back to being best friends again. But, never, did I think I’d […]

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Kids’ Imaginations at Play: A Simple Craft for Kids


photo source I’m currently on maternity leave: The following is a guest post by Lisa Renata. Kids’ imaginations are endless. One day they can be a super hero rescuing the world from evil, another day they can be a  dog looking for treats or a little petting. The joy of childhood. Simple, yet fun. Unfortunately, […]

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Talking Bras with My Four Year Old

a different perspective

Mommy, you know there are bras for little girls too? Well, not for little girls like you, but older little girls, yeah. Like for 5 year olds? (Mind you, she turns 5 next month and apparently the world is going to drastically change when she’s 5 – she’ll officially be a big girl that can […]

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