5 Reading Resources for Parents


My daughter is three. As a preschooler, she loves to “read” and loves for us to read to her. She received a Leapfrog Tag system from her tio for Christmas and uses it on an almost daily basis. That is how she can “read” a book to us. But, she can also take a regular […]

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If it looks like a duck…


I guess we’re on a personal phase here at Modern Mami. At least for a bit. It must be part of the whole trying to open up and un-censor myself thing. Let’s roll with it. It’s been almost a year and a half since my father was diagnosed/un-diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s. They haven’t actually given […]

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5 Legal Tips for Parents


Guest Post by Andrew Flusche, a Virginia lawyer who runs a general practice law firm in Fredericksburg. He is married, but he and his wife have not yet been blessed with children. For more legal tips, check out It’s not easy being a parent, especially since you also have to deal with a ton […]

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