Better Options with Fast Food: McDonald’s First Taste Lessons {Giveaway & Videos}


Last month I attended a McDonald’s First Taste event in New York City. The event was designed for media and bloggers to be able to sample some new menu items, meet with key McDonald’s representatives, and speak with McDonald’s nutrition manager and chef. We also had the opportunity to speak with a registered dietitian who […]

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Potatoes are Healthy AND Cheap! #tastemaker challenge part 2


This month’s Potato Tastemaker 2K10 challenge was Nutrition on a Budget. I had to create a nutritious dish for 4 with only $10 – using potatoes of course! First, a few facts about potatoes: one medium-size potato has just 110 calories and is absolutely fat free one potato provides 45% of your daily value of […]

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My Daughter the Vegetarian

Baby Girl

The other day, I posted about my daughter wanting to go shopping so she could buy turkey. In the comments, it was noted that she doesn’t eat meat…not really. I figured, I’d expand on this a bit. Though we’re far from being a vegetarian household, for some odd reason, my daughter will not eat meat. […]

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