Oh so fashionably late…


The party started on Friday and I’m just now arriving! You don’t know what I’m talking about? You don’t know about the blog party 5 Minutes for Mom is hosting? Well go on over and read all about it. For those of you arriving here from the party, WELCOME! I’ll try to be a gracious […]

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NtycnBoricua, who?

Puerto Rico

I received an email from Oh, The Joys asking me just what the heck my screen name means.NtycnBoricua She found my explanation interesting and suggested I post it on here. So, as the ever dutiful person that I tend to be, here goes nothing. First, let’s break it down – Ntycn & Boricua Ntycn stands […]

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Late Introduction

Baby Girl

I realized that I’ve never really posted anything about me – so here’s an attempt at introducing myself.A few things about me: 26 years old live in the lightning capital of the US (specifically Orlando) been married 3 years first time mom originally from Puerto Rico hate okra love to dance – although I don’t […]

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