“Don’t Lick Your Toes!” and Other Things I Never Thought I’d Say as a Mother


When I was young, my mom used the phrase “This hurts me more than it hurts you,” more than once. I could never wrap my brain around that statement and remember wondering how it could possibly be true because I was feeling actual pain! Mind you, I was rarely hit, but the very few times […]

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Finding the Woman Within the Mom


My mami is a great mother. She raised three children, along with my father, during a time when there wasn’t as much “help” as there is these days. That is, she never read a parenting book or sought the advice of parenting experts. I’m sure her and her friends shared complaints and some advice with […]

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Setting a Good Example for My Children


Guest post: Cissa Fireheart blogs at Heart of Fire, and when she’s not there or Twittering, she is busy being a full-time student and mother. And going to Disney World, as many times as she can convince her husband to let her go. Before moving back to the Sunshine State, I worked full-time while my […]

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5 Ways to Find Moms on Twitter

social media

After posting 21 People You Should Follow on Twitter, I’ve connected with many more people in the last two months. A lot of them are moms. That got me thinking that there are people out there who specifically want to connect with moms. Moms are great to connect with on twitter. They often provide really […]

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