ABC Adventure

Baby Girl

My baby girl’s ABC Adventure: If you wish to create your own video, simply go to http://www.myabcadventure.com. It’s free!

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Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July. Enjoy your day with the family! 🙂 MySpace Comments

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Mondays, blah

After a day at the beach – did I say a day? It was more like 2 hours, I think we spent more time driving to and from the beach. It started to rain after being there only about 2 hours. But, at least baby girl got to play in the sand a bit and […]

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Off to the Beach

We’re enjoying some of this today.  Here’s to a non-rainy day here in Florida. 🙂 image via remjr‘s flickr page

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What would people know if they looked in your trash?

Do you think it’s true you can find out a lot about your neighbor(s), just by looking at their trash? Our next door neighbors just moved in a few weeks ago. Now, this is a brand-new, just built house. The first weekend they were there, they pulled out carpet and had tile installed. This morning, […]

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