meatless lenten recipes

Appetizer Idea for Lent! Puerto Rican Tostones with Shrimp & Tomato Topping Recipe {Video}

Puerto Rico

We are almost 4 weeks into the Lenten season and you may be looking for unique seafood or fish recipes you can serve your family for those meatless Fridays. I don’t know if your family was/is the same as mine, but once Ash Wednesday came around, we honored the Lenten season by abstaining from meat […]

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Start the Lenten Season with Bacalao en Salsa (Codfish Fricassee): A Meatless Lent {Recipe}


The Lenten season begins tomorrow, with Ash Wednesday kicking off seven weeks of Lent this year. If you’re not familiar with Lent, it is a religious time period leading up to Easter and one that is quite often observed by Catholics and other Christian denominations. I grew up attending mass in a Catholic church and […]

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