Saying Goodbye to Kindergarten

Baby Girl

Baby girl completed Kindergarten last week. Her first year of school is done and over with and I now officially have a first-grader. Wow. She was pretty sad about finishing up the school year, mostly because she was feeling like she’d miss her teacher and friends. She came home on her last day of school […]

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5 Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy this Summer


Photo: Dmitry Kichenko My five year old will be starting Kindergarten this fall. She just completed pre-Kindergarten and since her preschool follows the same school calendar as the public schools, that means she has an actual summer off, just like all school-aged kids. This also means that she’ll be spending a lot of time at […]

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Nominate Your School for Power a Bright Future Grant & Help Fund School Enrichment Programs!


This post is part of a paid campaign. My baby girl started Prekindergarten this past Monday. Here in Florida they actually call it Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK), and the state funds the program. So, if you properly enroll your child with the state, various local child care centers will provide VPK free of charge 3 hours […]

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