Small Steps Towards Creating Healthy Habits {#CheckinforCheckups Giveaway}


Last month I shared information with you about my role in the Check-in for Checkups campaign and the goal of the program. As a reminder, the Check-in for Checkups program was designed to help the Children’s Health Fund provide health checkups to children in need. The idea is that for every healthy habit shared on […]

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Better Options with Fast Food: McDonald’s First Taste Lessons {Giveaway & Videos}


Last month I attended a McDonald’s First Taste event in New York City. The event was designed for media and bloggers to be able to sample some new menu items, meet with key McDonald’s representatives, and speak with McDonald’s nutrition manager and chef. We also had the opportunity to speak with a registered dietitian who […]

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Recipe for Puerto Rican Carne Guisada Meal

Puerto Rico

This is a sponsored post. When I think of tasty food, I immediately think of the Puerto Rican food I grew up eating. It equals comfort food for me. Of course, I eat other types of food as well, but the food from Puerto Rico that I know and love is first on my list. […]

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Not Much of a Woman – Es Poca Mujer


“Es poca mujer.” These were words I heard at various points growing up and that have stuck with me. Literally it means “she’s not much of a woman,” but the phrase is used to mean a woman is not strong enough or cannot handle a situation. For example, if a woman is unable to handle […]

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Raising Latinos


The following is a guest post by Maria Castro. Lately, I have been reflecting on some of the ways that I could expose my sons more to Latino culture. There are many ways that my husband and I model cultural practices at home such as the kinds of foods we cook and spices we use, […]

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