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Living a Fruitfully Frugal and Financially Stress-Free Life {The Good Life for Less Book Review}


Editor’s note: The following is a guest post by Philippa Channer, mom of three and occasional contributor for modernmami. Let’s face it, no one wants to count pennies – but, financially, that is where we all are today. The average American family is living pay check to pay check with very little, if anything, available […]

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CEO and WAHM on Balancing Work and Family


Guest post: Sandy Salle is a native of Zimbabwe and was born and raised in Southern Africa. She is the Chief Executive Officer of Hills of Africa travel and is passionate about using her first-hand knowledge of Africa to create the trip of a lifetime for her clients. Currently based state-side in North Carolina, she […]

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Activities for Your Kids: Take a Helping Hand


Guest post: Alexis Montgomery is a content writer for Online Degrees, where you can browse through various online degree programs to find a college that suits your needs. Whether you’re a happy homemaker or you work at an outside job, chances are good that integrating fun and educational activities into your child’s day has become […]

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Setting a Good Example for My Children


Guest post: Cissa Fireheart blogs at Heart of Fire, and when she’s not there or Twittering, she is busy being a full-time student and mother. And going to Disney World, as many times as she can convince her husband to let her go. Before moving back to the Sunshine State, I worked full-time while my […]

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