Nurturing Fathers Exist – Or Is My Husband a Rare Gem?


My husband is a very attentive father – always has been since our daughter was born. He is known for making up silly songs and stories with our 4 year old. He’s also not afraid to don a fancy feather boa and tiara – whether attending a tea party or just playing dress-up. He also […]

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Working Fathers Feel Same Pressure as Working Moms

Working Mothers

“Working fathers are struggling to juggle the competing demands of family and career, according to a report that shows that they are just as uneasy with their work-life balance as mothers.“ No surprise there. But, perhaps this isn’t obvious to everyone else. The above quote is from the UK-based article titled Working fathers want more […]

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Daddy’s Girl

Baby Girl

That tweet was sent out yesterday morning. Why? Because it was too freaking cute to not be shared. It nearly melted my heart to hear her say it with such conviction. She didn’t even think twice about it. Just plain and simple. “I like my daddy!” I immediately told my husband of course, who happened […]

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