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April Fools’ Day with Kids: Kid-Friendly Joke Books to Get them Laughing!

Family Fun

A friend once told me there’s a lot of laughter in our house. As a guest in our home, it was nice to hear that she observed this, as humor is definitely something we enjoy in our family. My husband and I both love to joke around (even if it’s often cynical in form) and from […]

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103 Children’s Books for Women’s History Month: Learn About Amazing Women & Moments in History!


Keeping up with various holidays and themed days or months has become a fun way for our family to learn about a variety of customs and cultures. We enjoy reading books that go with the theme or holiday, as well as making crafts or engaging in fun activities. This month is Women’s History Month, which […]

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We Heart Knuffle Bunny!


Now that you have some resources for helping your child read, do you want to know about a good book to read to your toddler or preschooler? This is the cutest book and your kid is going to love it. Well, only if he/she is as awesome as my baby girl. hehehe Knuffle Bunny: A […]

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