Re-Entering the Work Field


Guest post by Philippa Channer of A Mom’s Fresh Start, who lives in Florida together with her husband and 4 month old son. Philippa is a wedding planner and is currently a stay at home mom. She is a member and certified consultant with the American Academy of Wedding Professionals. Find Philippa on her blog, […]

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Working Mami Resources

Working Mothers

You’ve heard me say it before. A working mom needs all the help she can get. We need help with planning dinner, cleaning the house, work life balance, and time for ourselves. So, I’m always on the lookout for new resources and sites that offer some tips. I use delicious to keep track of all […]

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Salma Hayek Breastfeeds Another Woman’s Baby?


I always thought it was weird that women back in the day used to have their nannies breastfeed their babies. It seemed wrong on so many levels. And, I wasn’t even a mami at the time. Now, after having breastfed my own child and knowing how much joy it brought to both of us, it […]

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