Do You Parent Your Boys and Girls Differently?


My brother recently had a baby girl, his third child after two boys. I asked him this past weekend if he felt much different in parenting a girl versus parenting boys. It’s something I think about a lot with fathers since I know they tend to be ultra-overprotective with their daughters. I see this with […]

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My Daughter’s Preschool is a Love Fest. Or Something.

a different perspective

“Brian’s funny.” “Oh yea?” “Yea, I like him.” “Do you?” “Uh hmm. He’s my boy-friend.” “Your what?” “My bo-y-friend.” “Is he? And why do you say that?” “He was at the playground. And I asked him if he wanted to hold my hand. And heeee saaaaid YES!” “So that’s why he’s your boyfriend?” “Uh huh.” […]

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Raising Boys And Girls: Guest Post by Miss Britt


I am not your Modern Mami. And this is not my blog. I am, in fact, Miss Britt and this is my blog. Which begs the question, what am I doing here? As part of The Guest Post Challenge going on at my blog, Modern Mami has allowed me to post over here on the […]

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