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Atlanta Billboards Say Black Children Are An Endangered Species


I first saw this story on the Orlando Sentinel’s Moms at Work blog, but with a quick search found other stories like the one on What do you think? What is your initial reaction to the billboard? Do you think it’s effective in getting their message across? You may have to read the stories […]

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Barbie Dolls and Columbus Day. What’s the Connection?


It’s funny how the world sometimes reaches out to you. I’m not normally one to go around “looking for signs,” but sometimes you just can’t miss them. Two months ago, I wrote about how brown dolls are not enough and we need more multicultural dolls. This weekend, I came across an article titled Mattel introduces […]

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Study Finds Differences in Moms by Race


A few months back, Sheena of the Mommy Daddy Blog posted some results of a study that examined moms by race. In the post, only results of Caucasian and African American moms were included. So, I mentioned to Sheena that it would have been nice to know how Latina moms would have fared in such […]

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