Last Words Before the Internet Dies – Mabel’s Labels #BlogHer Contest Entry

by Melanie Edwards on March 15, 2010

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They say an electrical storm is going to change our lives forever. I keep hearing it on the news – over and over again they repeat it, “An electrical storm is going to wipe out the Internet…forever.” It’s like 1999 all over again when everybody was freaking out about the year 2000 coming and breaking down all computer systems. Of course, all was fine in the end, but we sure were paranoid for an entire year.

Now, the Internet itself is in danger and we only have one day left to tweet, email, and be called “mommy bloggers.” Only one more day of hearing that one phrase that will either make moms stand up taller with pride or cover their face with shame – depending on who you ask.

Where the heck is Al Gore anyway? If he invented the damn thing, can’t he save it? Pffttt…a lot of good he turned out to be.

Since I only have one day left to share with you – well, everything – I’ve decided to leave you with these “last words.”

  • Go have fun with your families.
  • Turn up the radio real loud and dance like crazy with your kids.
  • And the husband.
  • Keep a journal. One day the Internet might be back and you’ll have hundreds of blog posts just waiting to be posted.
  • On that note, maybe you should print out your entire blog for memory’s sake.
  • Learn how to use a phone book again since we can’t just look it up on Google anymore. We’ll at least still have our phones, right?
  • Kiss your k….

Wait. Forget this. I’m going to go.crazy without the Internet! No more wasting time…quick…everybody leave your phone number in the comments so we can text each other with twitter-like updates!

This post was written as an entry for the Mabel’s Labels BlogHer ’10 Contest. The Internet is not really going to be wiped out by an electrical storm. Not today anyway. 😉

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