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by Melanie Edwards on December 1, 2010

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As you know, I’m very close to giving birth to our baby boy. I have about two weeks left, unless the baby decides to make a grand unscheduled entrance beforehand. Things are quite hectic in our house as we prepare for his arrival, but also for the many other events happening in December: baby girl’s birthday and birthday party, holiday-related events/parties, and of course, Christmas itself. December has always been a busy month in our family, but this year it’s even busier with the new addition.

I’ve been busy working on scheduling posts for when I go on maternity leave, wrapping up business items, etc., in an effort to leave things “in order” for when I take some time off. You may remember that I have a loose plan for preparing for the upcoming changes in our family’s work-life balance. I’ve definitely had to slow down the last few weeks as I get further along in the pregnancy and focus on the must-do tasks before I run out of time.

Because of all that, you may find that some days I have more to share than others. So, today, I want to share other blog posts that you may be interested in reading. Some are mine and others are from within my blogging community. All are worth a click.

Around my Community

The Kids Are Alright – Marta of My Big Fat Cuban Family shares how this year’s Thanksgiving was very different for her and why she’s ok with that. I saw a bit of my family reflected in this post, so it was a wonderful read.

Spanish Tips for Semi-Latinas – Marta’s Tiki Tiki Blog partner, Carrie, shares some humorous tips for speaking Spanish even when you don’t know how.

Exploring Culture as Part of Your Curriculum – Ideas for integrating learning about a culture into a homeschooling curriculum.

Twitter Moms Sponsor Campaigns: Contest Or Call For Submissions? – She Posts covers the Twitter Moms debate on whether certain campaigns should really be called contests.

Green Eggs & Facebook: 15 Social Media Tips from Dr. Seuss – Applying lessons from Dr. Seuss to social media.

Mentioning Me

Women in Blogging: 125 Fearless Female Bloggers – Kristi Hines of Kikolani provides a list full of interesting women bloggers and includes yours truly! Some amazing women are featured, so definitely take a minute to check them out.

Spotlight on Melanie Edwards: Blogger & Entrepreneur – Angelica Perez of New Latina aims to empower Latinas to be successful and live balanced lives. She frequently highlights Latina businesswomen, bloggers, and artists. Click over to read my interview on New Latina.

Written by Me

Tubes Tied or Vasectomy? – I debate whether or not I want to have a tubal ligation as we approach the birth date and have no plans for more children.

Keeping your Online Personal Brand Consistent – Tips for developing your personal brand and keeping it consistent across social media.

Do you have some blog posts to share with us? Either your own or others you found useful and worth a read?

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